User Guidebook


I'm unable to login. How to reset my password?

Click the following link to reset your password :

How to login ?

Click the following link to login :

How to change my PASSWORD and email ID ?

Go to the Account Settings page via left menu.

How to edit or access my profile ?
  • Go to the "My Info" page via left menu.
  • Edit your profile details.
  • And save.


 How do integrations work?
  • Calendar integrations are adding meetings to your calendars.
  • Zoom and Jitsi Meet integrations create video call links.
  • You don't need a Jitsi Meet account to use this integration.
 How to connect my Google or Outlook CALENDAR ?
  • Go to the Account Settings page via top-right menu.
  • Connect your calendars to sync your meetings.
 How to connect my ZOOM account ?
  • Go to the Account Settings page via top-right menu.
  • Connect your Zoom account.
  • It's possible to create automated Zoom links for the meetings.
 How to add ZOOM links to my meetings automatically?
  • Connect your Zoom account
  • Select Zoom as the meeting location when you a create meeting or add time slots.
 How to disconnect my ZOOM account ?
  • Click the right menu. ( on the top bar )
  • Go to the account setting page.
  • Click on "Disconnect Zoom" button.
  • We delete your Zoom data from our servers if you disconnect your Zoom account.
 How to UNINSTALL Mentornity from my ZOOM App Marketplace account ?
  • Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace
  • Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Mentornity app.
  • Click the Mentornity App
  • Click Uninstall


Ask a question :

Please contact your mentoring program team about your non-technical questions.

e.g. Relations with mentees, program details, applications.